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On March 16, 2019, I felt like I was part of a historic moment. I ventured to Jamaica to see Buju Banton’s homecoming performance actualized as The Long Walk to Freedom concert. It was equal parts poetic, righteous and cathartic.

A little over a year later, I find myself in another historic moment. We are currently in the midst of a revolution, and despite the desires of some people to “return to normal,” things will never be the same.

The strive for the liberation of all Black people has upended everything we’ve understood as “normal” and turned it on its head. Buju Banton’s upcoming offering “Upside Down,” and his past catalog, is a score exploring these timely and relevant themes.

For my OkayPlayer debut, I spoke with Buju Banton about the culture and business of music, his musings on life and what his thoughts are on legacy.